You can lead a horse to water…

A friend of mine has been suffering from a pretty painful injury for the past few months. I’ve managed not to preach the yoga gospel at her about it, and just tried to be supportive and empathetic while quietly continuing my daily practice, in the hopes that she would one day ask about it.

That day finally came. She posted on facebook the other day saying that she wished there was a yoga class for inflexible people with injuries, and my immediate reaction was “OMG YES”. Other people beat me to it, and explained that if the instructor is legit, then that’s basically any yoga class. I took it a step further and without going over the top told her that Bikram was designed for people with injuries, and that I’d rehabbed my knees with a regular practice. I then also posted the image at the end of this entry to her wall, and waited.

Strangely enough, her reaction wasn’t great. It was basically a flat out “I can’t do yoga because of this injury”, and that made me wonder – why had she posted the initial desire to find a yoga class for stiff and injured people if, upon finding that that’s basically any class and especially Bikram, she would immediately shut it down like that?

The only thing I can think of is that she loves the idea of yoga but she’s scared to actually try it, and wasn’t expecting people to respond telling her that what she claims to want exists. Which is a normal reaction in a way, but in the end it only hurts her more, like if the injury wasn’t hurting her enough. And that makes me really sad, to see someone I love walking (or limping) around with this injury, knowing that yoga in general and Bikram in particular could help her, not wanting to push her into it, and then when she finally asks for it hitting a wall with her about it. That said, since she did finally ask, I’m just going to stand here next to the metaphorical horse, listening to it talk through its fear of the water, and hope that it decides to take a drink before it dies from dehydration. (And yes, in this scenario my friend is a horse. I’m not proud of doing that to her, but it is what it is.)



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